Jeff Kopmanis - Alto I

John Lukacs - Alto II

Jerry Lentner - Tenor I

Mike Steele - Tenor II

Tim Lentner - Baritone/Manager


Greg Prusaitis - Trombone I

Rick Pierce - Trombone II

Brian Becker - Trombone III

Matt Martinez - Trombone IV

Mark Stewart - Piano/Trombone


Mike Kurilko - Trumpet

Howard Wazeerud-Din - Trumpet

Brian Sullivan - Trumpet

Bob McMillian - (pictured, retired)

Jaymi Yettaw - (not in picture)


Gary Pareyt - Bass

Karl Steinman - Drums

Mark Stewart - Piano/Trombone

Sven Anderson - Piano (pictured, sub)


Joel Zmuda

Lisa Young

Kevin Sands (special guest)

The Monroe Big Band is a community-based group of musicians who all take time out of their daily lives to meet once a week for rehearsal. We have music teachers, accountants, managers, engineers and computer specialists in our ranks, that when combined form one of the finest big bands in the area. The group has roots as far back as the late 70’s, but came into its own in the mid-80’s.

MBB members build families, retire, or move away, so the band members may vary, but the music always keeps moving ahead. Over the years, we've managed to successfully build and grow our music repertoire, and now, the Monroe Big Band attracts some of the finest musicians in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio, either as regular members or as-needed substitutes. We're proud of this tradition of improvement and excellence!